‘Abbott Elementary’s Quinta Brunson Teases Surprise Second Season Guests (Exclusive)

Quinta Brunson has some special surprises lined up for Abbott Elementary‘s second season. ET’s Deidre Behar spoke to the Emmy-winner at the Variety: Power of Women event Wednesday, where she talked season 2 and the guest stars set to make an appearance.

“I think you can be excited about — some guest stars were announced, Leslie (Odom Jr.) Kayla (Monterroso Mejia), Lauren Weedman, who made her debut tonight, but there are also some other ones who people do not know about, and I am so excited for them,” Brunson shared.

While Brunson couldn’t say who those guest stars are, she did share that they are just as exciting as season 2’s premiere episode cameo from Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty.

“I think they are people who are exciting to me, and obscure and odd and weird, and I can’t wait for people to be surprised by them,” she teased. “So, I just think people should just look forward to more. Just, you never know who’s going to show up, and I think it’ll never be who you expect.”

The show has a huge fan base, which includes none other than Oprah Winfrey, who Brunson plays in the upcoming “Weird” Al Yankovic biopic, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. As for having Winfrey as a fan, Brunson said she’s “honored” to have the talk show icon as a fan.

“I am honored,” Brunson gushed. “We make this show for people, all people — Oprah and my aunt to watch alike, and just enjoy spending time with this group of people, in this school, once a week.”

She continued, “That Oprah is a part of that, means the world to me. The fact that Oprah is watching the show at the same time as my cousins — I love it. It’s exactly what we do it for. We just want to bring people together with the show, and make them laugh.”

As for her epic Emmy win, while Brunson, who made history as the second Black woman to win television’s highest award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, joked she can’t go to the same restaurants she used to before the win, she said she’s just been “riding the wave” since taking home the trophy.

“I can’t go to the same restaurants I used to go to,” Brunson joked when asked how her life has changed since the win. “Other than that, things have pretty much been the same, I’m in the middle of making Abbott right now, making my show, so I’m back at work. I am writing, acting, producing.”

“And there’s been the press that comes along with winning an Emmy, but it’s all been fantastic,” she added. “And yeah, just riding the wave.”

Abbott Elementary airs Wednesday nights on ABC.

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