How to Watch ‘The Fabelmans’ Online: Steven Spielberg’s Golden Globe-Winning Film Now Streaming

Steven Spielberg’s new semi-autobiographical film, The Fabelmans, won best picture (drama) at the 2023 Golden Globes. With 11 Critics’ Choice nominations and an impressive amount of Oscar buzz, you won’t want to miss out on watching Spielberg’s latest movie. Expected to hit Peacock in mid-February, The Fabelman’s is now available to buy or rent online at Amazon or Apple TV. 

The Fabelmans


The award-winning coming-of-age drama, The Fabelmans, is now available to buy or rent on Prime Video and Apple TV. 



Loosely based on Spielberg’s own upbringing, The Fabelmans follows Sammy, a young boy who falls in love with the art of filmmaking after his family takes him to see The Greatest Show on Earth. Gabriel LaBelle stars alongside Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen and Judd Hirsch. 

“It was beautiful,” Dano told ET of the filming experience. “When the captain of the ship is willing to be that open and vulnerable and naked with us, it only invites us to do the same back to him.”

“Steven had opened his heart to us,” Williams, who plays Sammy’s mother, told ET. “And then we opened our hearts to him.” 

Here’s how you can watch Spielberg’s most vulnerable movie yet from the comfort of your own home. 


How to watch The Fabelmans

Steven Spielberg’s highly personal coming-of-age story is currently available to rent for $20 or purchase for $25 on Apple TV, Prime Video, and Vudu. 

Watch on Amazon

Watch on Apple TV

Watch on Vudu

Is The Fabelmans streaming anywhere? 

The Fabelmans is distributed by Universal Pictures, meaning when it does become available to stream, it will likely be streaming on Peacock. No streaming release date for The Fabelmans has been set yet. 

In the meantime, plenty of other big movies of the year are currently streaming on Peacock, including Jordan Peele’s Nope and the Billy Eichner rom-com, Bros

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