Seth Rogen Drags Critics Choice Awards for Doubling Up Supporting Actor Speeches

Seth Rogen filled the room with laughter at the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday Night, calling out the host association for choosing to present the Supporting Actor and Actress awards simultaneously. 

“I have never been to this,” Rogen said onstage during his presentation of Best Actor in a Drama Series. “Do they always give two awards out at the same time? That was weird!”

The audience laughed and applauded, with a few members even calling out their agreement with Rogen’s confusion. 

Earlier in the evening, presenter Quinta Brunson announced that the Supporting Actor and Actress awards would be announced at the same time. 

“We will announce both winners at once, so both of you should come up to the stage,” she explained, then quipping, “Here we go. It’s not my choice.” The categories for both supporting roles in Drama Series, Comedy Series, Limited Series then proceeded with somewhat confusion, with the winning actors and actresses unsure of who should speak first and how to share time. 

“Why do they do that? Are we crunched for time?” Rogen asked the audience, whose agreement grew in volume as Rogen spoke. “Get another hour! It can’t be that expensive. You know how I know that? This show airs at 4:00 pm on The CW. That cannot be pricey.” 

The room erupted in laughter, along with a few gasps at his on-the-nose comments, but Rogen continued. “I’m not saying The CW is bad. What I will say is it is the one network to receive zero Critics Choice nominations.” 

The audience gasped again but applauded the joke. Rogen looked into the audience, ostensibly full of critics, and said: “You are saying it’s bad. We are on your least favorite network! How did that happen? Nominate yourselves next time. You’ll have one. No one will think it’s weird. They’ll think it’s fine.” 

Rogen finished his joke while the room continued to laugh. “If you were a normal viewer of The CW, this is a startling image to be seen on your television right now. I might be the first Jew on The CW in history.” 

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