Tatiana Maslany Dishes on ‘She-Hulk’s Meta Superpowers and Welcoming Back Charlie Cox’s Daredevil (Exclusive)

Tatiana Maslany is finally joining the MCU as one of the most powerful female heroes in the comic universe — and yet, it’s the humanity of Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, that she finds most relatable.

The Orphan Black Emmy winner spoke with ET ahead of the Aug. 18 premiere of the new Marvel/Disney+ series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and opened up about what she found so appealing about the role.

“I was laughing on every page and I found it so relatable and kind of embarrassingly human,” Maslany says of the show, which is, structurally, more of a lighthearted legal comedy with an MCU twist. “That, to me, is where some of the great comedy comes from — these very real characters who are, like, on this backdrop of a huge Marvel universe.”

In keeping with the meta tone of some fan-favorite She-Hulk comic runs, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law sees its protagonist frequently breaking the fourth wall to speak directly to the audience — another unique storytelling device for the Marvel narrative — and also deals with the “mundane and small” moments of her life, like online dating, in contrast to its epic, MCU-level action.

“That collision of superhuman and just, like, regular dude is really fun,” Maslany shares. “The direct-to-camera stuff has been done so many times, so well, and and so I definitely like watched a lot of that and took from Fleabag and Ferris Bueller and all these great references. But also, there’s something about Jen that’s like, ‘You guys are my buddies. Like, ‘Come into my brain and let’s like go on this journey together!'”

During She-Hulk’s virtual press conference, the actress pointed out that Jen’s “hyperawareness” of the viewing audience is another kind of superpower for her, but it’s obviously her Hulk powers that set her apart — which she contracts when she comes in contact with her cousin, Bruce Banner’s (Mark Ruffalo), gamma-radiated blood. However, unlike many of the MCU’s other heroes, Jen is resistant to becoming a hero, not because of any moral qualms or fears of inadequacy, but because she’s already happy in her established career as an attorney.

“It was actually her conflict with it that I found most interesting,” Maslany says. “She’s built this life for herself that she does not want to let go of. She’s worked so hard to be a lawyer and she has to constantly prove herself. So she’s in this path, and then when this thing happens to her, she has to contend with a whole other perception being placed on top of her and expectations, societally, of how she should be and who she should be.”

she-hulk smart hulk

Unsurprisingly, that’s something the actress can also relate to in the real world. With the announcement of any female-fronted comic book property comes the online commentary from a fandom that can be… less than welcoming, at times. Maslany shared during the press conference that she and the show’s cast and creators have already felt the “visceral response to a woman superhero” from the online community.

“And I’m curious about the question around why,” she adds. “I think all of the feelings that we have watching a show like this, whether it’s laughter or all of that, there is so much else going on that challenges people and that I think we really hit in a really wonderful way — especially near the end of the season. I’m so excited for people to see that.”

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