Blake Shelton and Carson Daly Share Which ‘Voice’ Coaches Would Do the Best on ‘Barmageddon’ (Exclusive)

Blake Shelton might be leaving The Voice after season 23 — but don’t worry, he’s found another place to drink on TV! Blake and Voice host Carson Daly, along with Nikki Bella, are teaming up for a new USA series, Barmageddon, where they open up Blake’s famous Ole Red bar in Nashville to play fun drinking games with their famous friends.

“Carson and I drink heavily backstage at The Voice,” Blake teased to ET’s Rachel Smith about the concept behind the new show. “One day it was like, ‘Man, what if they were filming this instead of that?”

And, with the country star about to finish coaching his final season of the singing competition, Carson added, “We had to figure out how else are we gonna get a chance to get together and just talk some smack.”

“Blake created this bar, Ole Red, he’s got a few of them across the country and they’re so much fun… but he doesn’t know how to have fun, so he needed me,” he quipped. 

Nikki similarly told ET she was sold right away on the Barmageddon concept.

“I know how to handle strong men,” she joked. “They told me the content of the show and I was sold immediately… People that want to come in, have fun, play over-the-top games, compete, drink, and be in Ole Red? I was sold.” 

The Barmageddon games have boozy, punny names like Keg Curling, Foreplay, Just the Tip — and, of course, Drunken Axehole. 

“I came up [with that],” Blake shared, “‘cause I was actually, one day, calling [Carson] an a**hole, but I had such a buzz.”

As for which of their fellow Voice alum they think would do well on their new show? 

“I think Shakira reminds me of Nikki, in a sense — she’s just a badass, she is so competitive,” Blake noted. “CeeLo would be a great guest on Barmageddon because CeeLo loves to have fun.”

“Adam would be a cry baby,” Carson joked of Blake’s old frenemy, Adam Levine.

In addition to games, Barmageddon promises plenty of fun drinks — watch to get the recipe to the “Carsonrita!” — and major musical moments, including the theme song!

“The great Jimmy Buffett wrote the Barmageddon theme song,” the former TRL host joked. “Did you know that?”

“[Blake] was too lazy to write it so we had to call Mr. Buffett,” he added, through Blake cut his teasing off.

“What do you wanna do, [have] me write the song or let Jimmy Buffett, who offered, to write the song?” he fired back with a laugh, to which Carson replied, “[It] coulda been a duet!”

Barmageddon premieres Dec. 5 at 11 p.m. PT/ET on USA.

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