Lucy Liu Talks Playing a Goddess in ‘Shazam!’ Sequel and a Possible ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reunion (Exclusive)

Lucy Liu was thrilled to take the stage at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday to preview her upcoming role in Shazam! Fury of the Gods. So thrilled in fact, she brought her own magical staff!

“The excitement is palpable as soon as you step on the stage,” Liu told ET following her SDCC experience. “Even before that, when you’re behind the curtain, you’re sort of like, ‘Wow, everyone’s here!’ And when they turn the lights on you see the mass of people and realize this is a really special moment.”

Liu shared with the Comic-Con crowd that she “really enjoyed playing a goddess” in the upcoming film, alongside fellow Shazam! newcomers Helen Mirren and Rachel Zegler. 

“To be part of the DC universe and this world is probably the most exciting thing of my career,” she added. “It was an honor to be a part of something this special… I feel like I’m in a place where I’m home.”

Lucy Liu
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The actress doubled down on that thrill when speaking to ET about her character, whom she shared is “coming in with a specific story and a specific mission.”

“It’s like the little girl in me comes out,” she raved. “I mean, you grow up reading the comics, and at that time they didn’t have movies like this, you know? Seeing it on TV and then having your own life be a part of something like that is really the icing on the cake… It’s the top of the top.”

Getting to be a part of increasing representation in big screen superhero projects is also something that “means the world” to Liu.

“I think that the superhero world is… about belonging and being a part of that,” she shared. “Understanding that everybody now is included, it makes that world so much bigger. So I think diversity counts, and people are recognizing that more and more.”

And while she’s ready to show off her divine abilities as she takes on Zachary Levi’s Shazam and his super-powered family, Liu said Fury of the Gods is “definitely a funny movie.”

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