‘Disenchanted’: Amy Adams and Maya Rudolph Share What’s Good About Playing Bad in Upcoming Sequel (Exclusive)

Amy Adams and Maya Rudolph head to the dark side in Disenchanted — and they couldn’t have had a better time!

In the highly anticipated sequel to 2007’s Enchanted, Adams reprises her role as Giselle, a fairy-tale princess who comes to the real world and falls in love with a straight-laced, cynical divorce attorney.

In the sequel, Giselle and Robert (Patrick Dempsey) are happily married, however, when the former princess finds herself somewhat jaded by suburban life, she makes a wish to bring some magic into her world. But the spell has some unexpected consequences — turning her into an evil stepmother!

“It was so much fun,” Adams tells ET’s Will Marfuggi about her visit to the dark side. “It was really great to revisit Giselle, with all her optimism and joy and excitement and love for everybody, but then to have that sort of twisted by her wish. I mean, it was really fun to examine what Giselle becomes, like, what are the different aspects of her wickedness?”

Rudolph is a new addition to the Disenchanted cast, playing an adversarial character called Malvina Monroe, whom she described as “totally evil.”

“I was just going for pure nasty,” she admitted. “It’s so big and so much fun. It’s the furthest you can go, and I like to go very big, it’s really fun.”

“We were giggling at how awful she was,” Rudolph added. “It’s like the most delicious form of drag, you know, ‘cause it’s very arch, it’s very high camp. The wigs, the crown, the nails, the costume. We were literally peacocking the whole time.”

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